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Boondocker T-Shirt

Boondocker T-Shirt

This collection of twenty shirts was created to celebrate the creation of The Fringe spacecraft collection. Each shirt showcases a unique model of spacecraft created for the upcoming Fringe movie. 

Spacecraft graphic is on the BACK of the shirt. 

Relaxed fit, tubular body by Comfort Colors. This is a high quality shirt. This is a 'print on demand' shirt and will be made for you when you order it by our partner Gooten. It will not ship from our warehouse with anything else you buy from us. Creation and shipping will take approx. 1-2 weeks. There are no returns on print on demand clothing.


While the BC vehicular market is ripe for all sorts of frivolity, utility reigns supreme in the Fringe. Many craft manufacturers have come and gone in their attempts to meet the rigors of the frontier. Molo is one of the last left standing. Thanks to the highly modular design of all their rigs and a deep-reaching aftermarket of new and used components, Molo has become the default for anyone looking to carve frontier space. And for the freshie with a shallow purse, the Boondocker is the perfect starter. A short-throw platform, the Boondocker is suited primarily for orbital or pivot-based work. This isn't the ride for a seasons-long passage…though with the right upgrades, there's no doubt it could get you as far your tanks and cabin-fever will allow. It's made to work, long past your own corporeal capacities. The Boondocker comes stock with work lights and full-chassis bumpers, making it a deft tumbler, squeezing through a rack grid or roid storm with structural assurance. There's no better choice to strap up for space-based enterprise in the Fringe.







RANGE: Short Throw

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