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Godbird Perpetual T-Shirt

Godbird Perpetual T-Shirt

This collection of twenty shirts was created to celebrate the creation of The Fringe spacecraft collection. Each shirt showcases a unique model of spacecraft created for the upcoming Fringe movie. 

Spacecraft graphic is on the BACK of the shirt. 

Relaxed fit, tubular body by Comfort Colors. This is a high quality shirt. This is a 'print on demand' shirt and will be made for you when you order it by our partner Gooten. It will not ship from our warehouse with anything else you buy from us. Creation and shipping will take approx. 1-2 weeks. There are no returns on print on demand clothing.


The Perpetual config of Revelle's Godbird redefines the longstand. While many seasoned drifters would scoff at the frivolity of the many comforts the Godbird platform offers, they may be underestimating a powerful utility. The boon to stamina these kind of accommodations offer - both physical and mental - is no small thing when the decacycles turn to seasons without your boots touching soil. In addition to the solar-powered and generously portholed hab modules that come standard with all Godbird configs, the Perpetual features an exclusive Gerrick & Tonnerly Garden Rack. Not only does it serve as a potent oxygen generator and atmosphere purifier, the Garden Rack offers enough capacity in its vertical grow sheets to stagger harvest cycles. This means a perpetual offering of fresh produce capable of supplementing meals for all passengers season-round. The Garden Rack can also be detached and planted on a new land to aid in the beginnings of a colony.







RANGE: Longhauler

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