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MHC-DS Avraga T-Shirt

MHC-DS Avraga T-Shirt

This collection of twenty shirts was created to celebrate the creation of The Fringe spacecraft collection. Each shirt showcases a unique model of spacecraft created for the upcoming Fringe movie. 

Spacecraft graphic is on the BACK of the shirt. 

Relaxed fit, tubular body by Comfort Colors. This is a high quality shirt. This is a 'print on demand' shirt and will be made for you when you order it by our partner Gooten. It will not ship from our warehouse with anything else you buy from us. Creation and shipping will take approx. 1-2 weeks. There are no returns on print on demand clothing.


The Avraga is a leviathan - the equivalent of two full-size Harridans fused together - and this math is mirrored in its arrangement: double thruster arrays, double tank mounts, double habs. No sense reworking a tried design. For most freight lines, the Harridan is the preferred craft as it's simpler and more cost-effective to operate. But for remote runs without pivot-support, only the Avraga can make its weight worth the marathon. The first craft of this scale was commissioned by The Dugall Freight Company to serve the burgeoning power-ball miners in the early days of the Fringe - unaware that those same miners would be the ones to take it down in the seminal Battle of the Oilers at the onset of the Freight Wars. Officially, only Dugall operates Avragas, but due to the remoteness of their routes, many have disappeared in the Void over the seasons. Chant flows that some have been requisitioned by bands of ambitious outlaws and turned into cult enclaves or floating pirate cities, depending on the teller of the tale.





HAULAGE: 42000


RANGE: Longhauler

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