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Godbird T-Shirt

Godbird T-Shirt

This collection of twenty shirts was created to celebrate the creation of The Fringe spacecraft collection. Each shirt showcases a unique model of spacecraft created for the upcoming Fringe movie. 

Spacecraft graphic is on the BACK of the shirt. 

Relaxed fit, tubular body by Comfort Colors. This is a high quality shirt. This is a 'print on demand' shirt and will be made for you when you order it by our partner Gooten. It will not ship from our warehouse with anything else you buy from us. Creation and shipping will take approx. 1-2 weeks. There are no returns on print on demand clothing.


Luxury cruisers are a rare sighting in the Fringe for a lot of reasons. Foremost, they pose a flamboyant lure for pirates and bandits. The craft alone offers all kinds of lucrative pillage in addition to the likelihood of a gaggle of well-endowed passengers housed within. Oft piloted by civilian caddies more suited for Kamrean holiday runs than the rigors of the Void, they quickly fall prey to Fringeling ruffians and their well-seasoned boarding tactics. But in the right hands, a cruiser can become a potent vessel, combining speed and maneuverability with the comforts of spacious habitats. Of all the luxury cruiser-class craft, Revelle's Godbird is the most suited for frontier space for two reasons: speed and modularity. A surprisingly agile craft for its size, the Godbird boasts freighter-level ranges and will sling the line in half the time. It's modular chassis makes for easy repairs - a requisite for frontier venture - and offers a platform for growth and specialization. It's the only cruiser of its caliber that comes stock with hull-mounted railguns, a ward for aggressors - if they can catch you.







RANGE: Longhauler

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