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Boondocker Bio-Camper T-Shirt

Boondocker Bio-Camper T-Shirt

This collection of twenty shirts was to created to celebrate the creation of The Fringe spacecraft collection. Each shirt showcases a unique model of spacecraft created for the upcoming Fringe movie. 

Spacecraft graphic is on the BACK of the shirt. 

Relaxed fit, tubular body by Comfort Colors. This is a high quality shirt. This is a 'print on demand' shirt and will be made for you when you order it by our partner Gooten. It will not ship from our warehouse with anything else you buy from us. Creation and shipping will take approx. 1-2 weeks. There are no returns on print on demand clothing.


The Bio-Camper is the largest of the upgrade packages for the Boondocker offered direct from Molo. Geared for longer tenure, the ordinarily compact platform is transformed into a viable hub for extended harvest and maintenance expos. The hab extension doubles the precious living space and can be filled as desired - be it with crew, galley, kit, or simply breathing room (oft overlooked for its impact on mission endurance). The side-mounted rackery expands carriage space, creates a useful EVA deck for spacewalk operations, and comes standard with Gerrick & Tonnerly biome cannisters to sustain all kind of organism. While obviously useful for poachers and gastrotechs, the biome cannisters are also straight-piped into the hab, allowing them to easily be setup as clean-air generators (or a spicier atmospheric additive from the off-gassing creature of your choice).







RANGE: Short Throw

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